Disclaimer | © 2010 - Advanced Health YeaH mon! We got the bark... 
	Had to sail south for days to purchase this famed aphrodisiac. But 
	then who's complaining... in this job getting there is half the fun.  
	Sailing the caribbean sea in search of ancient herbs used by the locals 
	is not your everyday trip to the office. So let's get going, we got lots 
	of people waiting for this one. Our journey is taking us to the beautiful 
	island of Grenada, known as the spice island and close to trinidad where 
	bois bande is also found. Aphrodisiacs have always been popular here, 
	including everyday foodstuffs with a virility-enhancing reputation. Bois bande 
	is so popular around here you can even buy bois bande flavored rum. The taste 
	is unique & has an Amaretta type flavor. yeah mon, But bark is what were after 
	here so let's push on mate. The local pharmacist tells us half his customers 
	come in looking for some potency type drug. Locals come in and say Whe you have?
	I going and put down a wuk tonight. He also testifies to bois bande's effectiveness, 
	saying he has tested it on thousands of clients. After much sampling i also 
	can attest to its effectiveness... We drank rum untill the wee hours and after 
	much lively conversation we were able to purchase our desired quantity and head 
	back to the USA with the goods.  So c'mon in and shop around for your own piece 
	of the island.